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Sponsor a Student


The Top Hand Horsemanship Academy was created and designed by master horseman Van Hargis to aide horsemanship enthusiast aspiring to seek out consideration for apprenticeships or long term internships.  Van Hargis’ program has been referred to as one of the best programs for truly understanding the horse from the horse’s perspective and establishing a true understanding of the horse’s instincts, psychology, physiology, health and physical mechanics.  This program will prepare attendees for a professional career future or for a never ending journey of horsemanship improvement.  Because of the cost and expenses associated with this intense type of education, we seek support for our current and prospective students in the way of scholarship or sponsorship. Any funds raised will go directly to a specific student of choice by the donor, contributor or sponsor to cover the cost and expenses directly associated with their curriculum. Contributors, donors or sponsors can also support the program in general and we will distribute contributions among students in need of assistance. 

If you would like to sponsor a prospective or current student, just click on their name below to see their specific goals and expectations

Cost to each student includes countless hours of instruction based on both class room curriculum and extensive hands-on lessons and instruction in numerous settings, such as the round pen, training pen and riding arena. Students are also taken on horse industry related field trips such as horse shows, horse sales, other training facilities, veterinary clinics or hospitals and are required to travel at least a day with a certified farrier. Housing, including new apartment style dorms with full kitchen, laundry, free unlimited Wi-Fi and tv is provided with student tuition cost. Other expenses that students will incur are food and transportation costs.

We do have potential students who could greatly benefit from this creative and intensive program but are unable to afford to participate. Please help us help students. By better educating and preparing our future horsemen and horse-women we are assisting other professional trainers find qualified and experienced assistants. By better educating and preparing our students we help countless horses.

Help a horsemanship student achieve their goals in the horse industry and follow their passions.

Any contribution is deeply appreciated.  Thank you!

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