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Jabraylon's Story

"I've been into horses for a very long time, as early as I can remember honestly. I had cowboy toys growing up that I used to play with. I watched countless westerns,  actually, my two favorites are "8 Seconds" and "Tombstone". I remember when I was around 4-6 my grandfather, God Bless his soul, bought me a rope as a random gift. It gives me nostalgia just thinking about it because I would run around my apartment complex roping signs, AC units, poles, and other kids my age. Although I would get in trouble for it. But being realistic and giving credit where it's due, I would have never had the love I do for horses and the Western way of life if it wasn't for my grandfather. He had me on horseback since an infant and doing all kinds of cowboy things. I would go on trail rides with him, go to ropings, rodes, etc. He even got me a bull riding vest as an early Christmas gift when I was around 7-10. As soon as I unwrapped it, I wore it around the neighborhood hopping on random things, imagining I was riding a bull. But, sadly, all good things must come to an end. When I was around 12 he died. It was the day before my youth football game.  It tore me apart. I ended up winning the game and scoring a touchdown, but the pain was still there. Since then I haven't ridden a horse or been on a trail ride or to a rodeo. That was in 2014 and ever since I've been constantly trying to get back into the cowboy way of life. I haven't had the right resources since he passed. Growing  older and watching rodeo on tv, I've been inspired to take up a career in that field of work. I want to get my horse skills back up since it's been such a long time."

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