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Understand the horse for what it is – a horse – and respect its
natural instincts and keen sense of self-preservation.



Seminars are non-participation events where everyone is auditing. Van simply teaches from the round pen, classroom, or podium the topics that your group selects from our list.


In order to establish a harmonious relationship with your horse you must realize that he isn’t human and doesn’t understand human ways or language. A horse has its own natural instincts as well as a keen sense of self preservation. Horses have their own simple means of communicating with one another. As horsemen it is our responsibility to communicate in a way the horse understands. Come join us and learn how fun it is to become a better, more trusted communicator with your horse.

Make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing difficult.



Horses do not understand fear and pain as reprimand. The horse will always look for the easy way out of a situation, so we must offer him the best deal we can. There are things we must ask ourselves before we ask our horse: Is what I want from him within his capabilities? Am I asking in a way that the horse understands what I want from him? Is the task going to be easier than the alternative? Taking the time to answer these simple questions will make working with our horse much easier, less frustrating, and a lot more enjoyable. Van demonstrates and communicates these concepts in fun and exciting ways, using stories and analogies we can all relate to.


Requirements for a seminar:
  • It is preferable that horses be provided, but not required. Usually it is not a problem – people have lots of horses to donate!

  • A round pen may be required.

  • To request more information about our seminars Click Here.

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