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Van Hargis has spent a lifetime learning to understand horses and the elements of superior horsemanship, an endeavor he’s pursued with a commitment to excellence that has earned him the supreme honor of being called a “master horseman” by some of the horsemen and horsewomen he most respects.


Although he loves horses, Van loves people more, and he has dedicated his life to sharing what he’s learned about horses and horsemanship with people through every means available to him. A skilled communicator, Van is able to help people understand and apply concepts they’ve struggled with in the past, helping them achieve new and higher levels of skill and enjoyment in their own horse-related pursuits across all disciplines.


Van Hargis Horsemanship offers a wide variety of ways for you to learn from Van. Explore the pages of this site to see how you can spend time with Van at an expo or other large event, a smaller clinic or demonstration, or even a one-on-one consultation. The options are limitless — tell us what you need and we’ll bet Van can help. If you have questions after exploring the site, contact us at

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