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Definition of a Top Hand

  1. :  a cowboy who is superior especially as a rider or horseman.
    :  a person who is highly skilled in some activity, esp a ranch worker

This program is designed to aide horsemanship enthusiast aspiring to seek out consideration for long term apprenticeships.  Van Hargis’ program has been referred to as one of the best programs for truly understanding the horse from the horse’s perspective and establishing a true understanding of the horse’s instincts, psychology, physiology, health and physical mechanics.  This program will prepare attendees for a professional future or prepare them for a never ending journey of horsemanship improvement.


Van Hargis offers this exciting 3 month horsemanship program. Based on ABC (Absolute Basic Criteria) Foundation Training, it is designed to deliver the fundamental tools for success with any horse in any riding discipline. The program focuses on four primary areas over a 3 month period. Certificates of Achievement are provided after successfully passing all segments.

Watch and hear Van Hargis in authentic, unedited and unchoreographed educational sessions. The intent is to allow you to learn by seeing actual training and lesson sessions completed on a typical day as well as observe specific topics and challenges addressed and overcome.


You'll learn how to  identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to further develop your own horsemanship.  You'll learn how to recognize and develop and confident, positive and winning attitude in both you and your horse.


In the near future, we are excited to be offering the Van Hargis Personal Consultation service. It will give you the opportunity to get invaluable direct feedback from Van on a video of you training or showing your horse. In this service you'll be getting one-on-one access to Van Hargis where  he can critique your ride or training session in a timely manner. Making the most of this service will help you further develop and refine your horsemanship skills. 


Lastly, Van will cover all aspects of true horsemanship, including equine health, equipment, facilities, products, advanced horsemanship and much more which can be found under the "Top Hand Club" tab and throughout the website.

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For $19.95 per month, you will have unlimited access to dozens of training videos and educational content. The membership automatically renews itself each month, until you send a "terminate my membership" email to:  This must happen at least 2 days before your next bill cycle. Bill cycles begins every 30th day, depending on the original date on which you joined. We will welcome you as a member again at any time, under the same username and password if you would like!  Please note, charter membership fees can not be re-instated at charter membership fees. Current fees are applicable to returning members. 


Important note: members may change their billing to monthly rather than quarterly after their first 90 day membership term.


Our month to month membership is $19.95 billed every 30 days until canceled.  Additional membership options to enjoy greater savings:

  • 3 month commitment paid NOW with 5% discount = $56.85

  • 6 month commitment paid NOW with 10% discount = $107.73

  • 12 month commitment paid NOW with 20% discount = $191.52

3, 6, or 12 month memberships paid in advance default to a 30 day recurring billing at the end of your term unless you decide to cancel.


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