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A clinic is a one- or two-day (or more!) hands-on event in which riders are in the arena with Van, learning by doing. Depending on the topic and the venue’s size, clinics can include from 10 to 20 horses and their riders. Space permitting, auditors (spectators without their horses) are welcome and encouraged. Fun and safety are our primary concern at our clinics. Designed to teach well rounded horsemanship skills, we encourage all participants to become a whole horseman. We cover a variety of topics such as tack utilization, equine health and management, trailer loading, basic and essential riding skills, including speed control, lead changes, posture, reining methods, and troubleshooting specific problems you may be having with your horse. Come join us as we discover how safety, confidence, and knowledge can free our minds to enjoy our horses.

Train your horse rather than allowing
your horse to train you.



So often I come across a horse and rider combination where there is a little confusion as to where the leadership lies in the relationship. Although our goal is to develop a sense of unity in our partnership, you first have to decide what you expect from your horse and learn how to communicate that to him in a

way he understands. Only through consistency and persistence can you establish a role of leadership and understanding. Our clinics can include one to three days of instruction and can be customized to address any problems your riding group may have and work toward resolving them in a fun, safe, and exciting environment. Our clinics can last from one hour to eight hours, and for as many days as you have horses and participants. We will provide you with patient instruction in a safe environment, entertainment, motivation, question and answer discussion, and much more.


Requirements for a clinic:
  • A safe arena venue of adequate size is needed.

  • Seating to facilitate auditors or notice to spectators to bring their own chairs.

  • Attendees who cannot have their horse present can audit the clinic.

  • Clinic topic to be specified in advance. Click Here to download/read our list of Van’s most popular topics.

  • Please pay the required deposits in advance to book the date.

  • To learn more about hosting a clinic, please Click Here to request detailed information.

Book an Advanced Horsemanship Mini-Clinic

This is a no-nonsense intense 4 hour training session with Master Horseman Van Hargis. Because the clinic is intense in focus it is strictly limited to only 4 riders.

We will cover in great detail;

  • Bigger, better, and softer stops.

  • Better roll backs and turn-arounds (spins).

  • Straighter lines and prettier circles..

  • Better lead departures and lead changes.

  • Please pay the required deposits in advance to book the date.

  • To learn more about a mini-clinic, please Click Here to request detailed information or Click Here to book now.

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