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Van Hargis Transition Series #1 Offset D - 7/16" Tapered Sweet Iron Snaffle 3" Dee 5" Mouth
The Sweet Iron Two-Piece Snaffle is the first bit I use on practically every horse I ride and the one bit I come back to whenever a communication problem arises. This bit was designed to be heavy, balanced and communicative. The stainless steel D-rings give the bit eye appeal and ease of maintenance. The barrels at the corners of the horse's mouth are carefully designed and enhanced with a special bushing to ensure long-term smooth to eliminating any possible chance of pinching. The sweet iron two-piece mouth has an easy practical curve to promote an easily detectable signal from the rider while being comfortable and palatable to the horse.

VH270 Van Hargis Offset D-Ring Transition Series #1

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