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                                   You will save more than $100

         By bundling together you will receive a 20% discount off the MSRP


This package includes your choice of the

Transition Series #1 Offset D Sweet Iron Snaffle

                            or Smooth Dogbone Snaffle

Transition Series #2 Tapered Sweet Iron Snaffle

Transition Series #3 Sweet Iron with Stainless Roller

Transition Series #4 Medium Port Correction

Transition Series #5 Sweet Iron High Port

Van Hargis Futurity Browband  Headstall


The Van Hargis Progressive Bit System is designed to gradually transition a horse from the 2-handed direct rein communication of the D-ring snaffle to the subtle 1-handed refined communication of the mild and comfortable Performance bit. Each bit further refines communication and prepares the horse for the next step until the ultimate in communication and performance is achieved.  

Van Hargis Progressive Series Package

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