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For all who have pre-ordered The Horse Is My Teacher!

For several reasons beyond our control the release date has once again been delayed. We appreciate your patience & would like to offer a 1 Year Free Membership to the Top Hand Club

Definition of a Top Hand

  1. :  a cowboy who is superior especially as a rider or horseman.
    :  a person who is highly skilled in some activity, esp a ranch worker

The Van Hargis Top Hand Club offers:

  • Access to countless streaming training videos featuring Master Horseman Van Hargis and select guests.

  • New videos added monthly.

  • Information about the latest tips, hints and suggestions on safety, training and having fun with your horses.

  • A video library with educational content for beginners to professional trainers.

  • The opportunity to watch, listen and learn from some of the world's most respected horsemanship experts, trainers and competitors all on one site.

  • Resources such as articles, interviews and links to further your educational experience at your leisure.

  • A forum to share information, discuss concepts and ask questions on all horsemanship related matters

  • Discounts on all Van Hargis branded products and services purchased on or through the site and exclusive first access and/or exclusive pricing to very exciting specialty products 

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